We are Æves


In the cold, dark days of Winter 2015, long-time friends Molly O'Malley and Matthew Adam came up with a vessel to let their musical ideas take flight. Molly and Matthew, both accomplished songwriters and scene veterans in their own rights, had become disenchanted with the state of modern pop music. Catchy choruses and hooks abounded, but there was something missing. The radio waves no longer carried the awe, wonder, or human connection that once pervaded the world. - and with this in mind, Aeves was born.


"Modern pop isn't dead," says Matthew, "It's just sleeping; and we're here to wake it up." And if modern pop is in fact a sleeping giant, Aeves have officially sounded the alarm. Following the successful release of several singles, including the highly regarded "Ignite" in 2016, Aeves have done it again - this time partnering with Marc Walloch of AWOLNATION and Grammy nominated producer, Rick Carson - to bring you "Wild Hearts".


Molly O'Malley // Matthew Adam